Wisdom of The Heart

Body, Mind, Heart and Soul in Harmony


Why Wisdom of the Heart?


Because the Heart knows.

In a world of distractions and people saying they have the way, this class offers an opportunity for you to discover the wisdom that lies within every level of your beingness.

Wisdom of the Heart is a 12-month program that is designed to support you in developing commitment to yourself. It is an invitation to higher consciousness.

In a one-weekend-per-month format, you will practice finding out what works for you, while you connect with people from all over the world.
You will discover that you can face any challenge by sourcing within, and dealing with whatever comes forward, in a calm, heart-centered, and positive way.



Over the course of the year, you will learn how to tap into your natural knowing as you align physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

In each class weekend, you’ll learn an abundance of tools and technologies to support you in your own process of awakening and growth. Special guests will join us and share how they have achieved mastery by following the wisdom in their hearts.

With renowned facilitators, Paul Kaye, Rachael Jayne, and Joey Hubbard you will experience Body, Mind, Heart and Soul in harmony.



The body is one of our most important and underutilized resources. It is the living temple of the Soul.

In this class, we’ll focus on listening to the wisdom of the body as we and we’ll create greater health and wellbeing as we let go of stress and what is not working for us.
Body Curriculum:
The wisdom in your body
Movement: Fitness, Yoga, Taiji, Qi Gong
The power of deep rest
Healthy eating, healthy weight
The importance of the breath



The mind is a powerful and resourceful tool, when used to support the direction we set for it. However, many of us can easily over-identify with our minds and thoughts, putting them in the driver's seat.

We’ll practice letting go of negative thought patterns and we’ll move out of living in our heads to living in our hearts, while utilizing the mind as a tool to serve our upliftment and growth.
Mind Curriculum:
From Stress to Relaxation
Reframing - Positive Focus
Techniques for creating success
The importance of mindset




The heart is a powerful inner source of wisdom, wellbeing, expansion, love and joy.

The quality of our lives improves immediately when we let go of our ego and personality identification and follow the inner wisdom that comes from our Hearts. In this class, we'll break free from our limitations and connect to who we really are.
Heart Curriculum: 
Clarifying your purpose
Increasing Heart connection
Creating relationships we want
Appreciation – Gratitude as a focus
Listening with and to our Heart



The Soul is our true self - the essence of who we really are. It is love and truth everlasting. When the body, mind, and heart are in harmony they become effective instruments to serve our Soul's purpose in this world.

Our course focus is to become aware of our divine nature as we live a healthy and joyful life of creativity and expansion, as conscious and responsible creators.
Soul Curriculum:
Meditation and Sound
Developing intuition
Following inspiration
Being in a state of effortless, loving, peace, and joy


About us

Wisdom of the Heart is the result of a collaboration between two organizations that were founded by John-Roger, DSS: Insight Seminars and Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy (PTS).

Insight Seminars offers experiential workshops that are about learning practical ways to live from your Heart—the center of your authentic self. Over one million people have taken part in Insight Seminars around the world.
PTS offers experiential education on practical spirituality. The programs are offered in-person and via Live Stream around the world to connect the global community. They are designed to give all the opportunity to explore the lessons of physical and spiritual worlds, rediscover our true nature, and become more aware of the Divine in us.

Meet Our Facilitators


Joe Hubbard

Joe Hubbard has dedicated the last 25 years to facilitating motivational, life, and work seminars, as well as strategic planning and productivity for thousands of people and firms all over the world. Raised on the inner city streets of Los Angeles, Joe rose above the pervasive challenges to attend both UCLA and UCSD, and then began his career as a motivational speaker and performance enhancement coach. In addition to serving as volunteer CEO of Insight, he also serves on the Board of Directors and facilitates Insight Seminars throughout the world.


Rachael Jayne

Rachael Jayne has been involved with Insight Seminars since its inception in 1978. Over time, she evolved from enthusiastic participant to lead facilitator. She was instrumental in developing the Insight Youth Program and is a key facilitator in Teen Insight and many of the adult Insight Seminars. She has mentored many teens and young adults into greater leadership as volunteer assistants for the various youth seminars. In addition to facilitating, she serves as the VP of Operations for Insight Worldwide.


Paul Kaye

Dr.Paul Kaye has been a dedicated student of spiritual thought and practices since his youth in England. His explorations have taken him to Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Zen, and the spiritual foundations of movement and the martial arts. These explorations have led him to the importance of sound as a profoundly effective way to bring us into stillness, calm, balance, harmony, healing, and attunement with the divine. Paul has designed workshops and courses on the practical application of spiritual principles and presented them worldwide. 

I'm in!

Great! You can click below and register now. If you have any questions, contact us at hello@wisdomoftheheart.org.

How much? $250 monthly.
Where? In person in Santa Monica, California or via Live Stream (yes, you can watch it online, if you want!)

Offered in English and Spanish.

If you miss a class, or part of a class and wish to review it later, the recording will be available for you.


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